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Easy ways to Create Your Own Wellbeing Ritual

How to Create Your Own Wellbeing Ritual

Today well-being is a word that is often overused and, in some cases, misunderstood. Well-being is, in fact, a term that refers holistically to our mind, body, and spirit, when they are in a healthy alignment.

Well-being is about more than just feeling well or being happy. It represents living a life that has meaning, one that is committed to a purpose; being physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy with fulfilling relationships supporting us on our journey of life. That sounds like an awful lot to achieve, and without goals, tools, and techniques it can be indeed.

When thinking about your well-being, it is important to make sure your goals do not become too overwhelming. Finding our own pace, the practices and rituals that work for us and being patient with ourselves, are all necessary to stay on course.

Where do we begin? Here are some simple exercises to start with:


Keeping a journal is widely recommended in magic. It is a way to maintain a record of what is going on in our lives from our point of view. We are not doing this for its historical value. It is above all a way to let the feelings out. The Greeks called it “catharsis” the purification which comes from letting out fear, self-loathing, and negative self-talk. This process is beneficial to both body and mind. In the East, they consider this the first step to spiritual union with divinity, as it brings great clarity.

When you read a past journal entry, you might have a different take on the circumstances. That is the point of holding on to your diaries, to pay attention to how one truly feels and work from there.

Self-care is about recognizing that you are weak in some areas. It means you have more agency and control over your life than you may be comfortable accepting.


  • We all know that Well-being is about taking care of the mind and the body; making sure that we eat healthily, meditate, and get enough sleep; it also means taking care of our spirit’s. Here are a few spells that you can add to your ritual to help lighten the pressures of daily life.

    • Pick a word for the day. Think of a power that you will need today and turn it into an affirmation. “I enjoy exercising, it strengthens me every day”.


    • If you are having a hard day, take a minute to yourself, in a bathroom if you must. Allow any affection to be present without struggling with it. Visualize the earth as a single being, this force embracing you. And being pure life, it strengthens you and fills you with all its love.


    • Once a day when you are about to eat, say a blessing, choose a god that is aligned with your specific need. Mercury and Thoth are great for intellectual goals. Venus is great for love, but also to fix friendships.


    • Water is the primordial element in many cultures. When you take a shower or bath, focus on the vitality of water, and repeat this invocation “May this water cleanse my body, my mind and all aspects of myself, bringing joy and peace”.


We all love and appreciate a good mantra, but we often underestimate affirmations. They are extremely popular among athletes and salesmen, but sometimes in spirituality, they are not practiced as much as they should be. Affirmations are a great tool for anyone.

Belief can often get in the way when we are aiming to achieve well-being. If I say “I am calm” when I am feeling furious, I might get even more frustrated. One way to work around this is to start from where we are and affirm where we would like to be. For example, “I feel my anger dissipating with each breath” - repeat this several times and you will indeed notice your anger dissipating with each breath you take.

With this practice, we acknowledge any powerful obstacles to an affirmation in advance, allowing us to move forward and achieve our goal.


If well-being is the balance of a healthy life, then self-care is the key practice that gets us there. Self-care is about recognizing what we need and then doing something about it. More than anything, self-care, is the attitude of having an ear for ourselves. It might sound self-centered, and it is but in a good way. It is appreciating life, starting within. It can be taking a walk before lunch to clear your head while listening to your favorite bands. Or changing your schedule to have more spare time.

Listening to ourselves is key. Life tells us when things are out of place. Being sincere with ourselves is an essential part of practicing self-care, as this is one way of making sure we meet our own needs first.

We cannot be the last on our own “to-do” list. Even if your major goal is to bring love and joy to others, that needs to be sown first into your own heart before you have it to give in abundance. 



Living life in a state of Well-being is about balance both inside and out and having this be our guiding principle. 

The final step in creating your well-being ritual is to go inwards and create the harmony that allows us to enjoy and express Well-being. For this, you will need a Tarot deck, a white candle, and white sage.

  1. Begin with smudging. Take your stick of white sage and cleanse your home, burning it in every room including the bathroom, kitchen and if you have them, the front garden, and the backyard.
  2. Take your Tarot deck - Rider Waite is perfect or a deck of your choice - and select Temperance. This card is usually depicted by a woman mixing two liquids, making water into wine. Temperance symbolizes moderation, patience, and the continuous alchemical process of life. Set the Temperance card in front of you, you can use the deck to support it.
  3. Take your white candle and visualize a cleansing light moving through it, removing all previous energies.
  4. Place the candle on a holder or cup, next to the Temperance card and light it.
  5. Meditate on the card image for a moment, picturing it in your mind with your eyes closed. Allow that scene to come alive, the liquids mixing in an incredibly soft movement, balancing everything in your life, blissfully dissolving and regrouping all feelings and ideas. If any thoughts arise, let her mix them too. This is universal life, growing, solving, and creating everything that is.
  6. Continue until you can feel at peace with this flow and a pleasant silence expands through your whole self.
  7. When you are ready you can blow the candle out and continue with your day.

Now you have everything you need for your well-being ritual. You can play around with these ideas and make it your very own. Whatever you decide to do, remember Well-being happened when we take care of our Mind, Body and Spirit.


Love, light & magic,


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