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Protection Ritual


Being open to life is everything. Being open to new experiences is what makes life all the more rewarding and exciting. However, sometimes, things happen and we become wary or restrictive about life. One way of keeping an open mind and heart is to perform a protection ritual that will give you the peace of mind to continue embracing life. This simple ritual helps us clean our connection to the divine. Like a cleanse this ritual removes negativity and makes space for positivity, and in fact, this ritual takes your cleanse to the next level.



There are times when you feel vulnerable, or events in your life upset you, causing you to question: “Is this actually happening? Why me? I should’ve stayed in bed… this week”.

There are a few other situations which can make you think that you could use some protection. Let me give you a few examples:

  • A feeling of tiredness after meeting certain people, they seem to drain your energy by just being near them for a while.
  • A headache that you seem to get all of a sudden when you enter a building, a shop, or a house. It almost disappears once you leave
  • An unpleasant feeling in your stomach, that makes you want to leave that place, even if it is your own room.

Often this is a sensibility that you hold and not an attack directed at you on purpose. But maybe, just maybe, there is something more to it, and someone really doesn't like you. This ritual is a great response in both circumstances.

Impure energy, like an impure thought, is not necessarily evil, we can think of it as a bundle of confusion. It is a mix of thoughts and feelings which do not allow us to feel clarity within ourselves. This protection ritual provides a spiritual covering for your energy, and your home, so you can keep living without fear, trusting your instincts, intuition, and yourself.



You will need:

  • A glass of water.
  • Four candles, if possible: yellow, red, blue, and green to represent the elements. They will represent east, south, west, and north respectively. If you only have one color, that is ok, a white candle can replace any color.
  • A black (or blue, both will represent depth) candle. Again, if you only have the right color, you can use a white candle.
  • Frankincense resin, otherwise, a stick or cone is fine. You can also replace it with rose, lavender, vanilla, or another sweet aroma (not sage).
  • A pinch of sea salt
  • A lighter or matches.


The best place to do it? On the floor, even outside if you have a discreet backyard.

We will use the four candles, one for each direction, to call the quarters. Place them making a small cross in front of you, with the black/blue candle in the middle. The glass filled with water is between the center and the north candle and the pinch of salt next to it.



Any day and time of the week is good. If you want it to be extra potent, do this ritual at dusk.


Step 1.

Take a moment to sit, facing east, on a cushion. You can cross your legs and find your natural balance in this position. Just make sure you are in a comfortable position. Keep your back straight and make sure your breath deepens. Be present.

Say (while lighting the corresponding candle):

Spirit of the East, Power of the winds, come forth!

Spirit of the South, Power of fire, come forth!

Spirit of the West, Power of water, come forth!

Spirit of the North, Power of Earth, come forth!

Lighting the center candle, say: "Spirit of my highest self, hear me! Come to me at this moment so I may have the presence of your divine light! Calm my thoughts, empower my energy, soothe my emotions and aura, and cleanse my body from all negativity".


Step 2.

Close your eyes and visualize a white light over your head, allow it to enter and fill your whole body.

Do not worry about having a clear image in your head. Think of visualization as something that you think but also feel.  Feelings are more important in this case.

Once it covers and enters you completely, let it shine through you as if you were transparent.  You are now one with pure white light. Take a moment to absorb this feeling.


Step 3.

Allow your visualization to fade away, and say:`

“I call upon you, spirits of this land, to guard and protect me, and to clear my path of all negative influence! Shield me from disgrace, and be ever watchful!”

Place your right hand over the water and say:

“Drink with me, blessing this water with your power”

Add a particle of salt saying:

“The waters of infinity, the fullness of life.”

Rub your palms together for about a minute, and you should sense the heat spreading through your body. When you feel you raised a lot of energy, stop and aim both your palms towards the candles. This is to offer your energy to the spirits (at a safe distance as not to get burned).


Step 4.

Rest for about a minute, knowing the spirits heard you. Take four short sips from the water and spread the rest on every door and window of your house. Once you did this, snuff out the candles one by one, in the opposite order than you lit them. First is the middle one, next is north and then move counter-clockwise until you get to the yellow candle.


Step 5.

Clap your hands once and say:

“It is done”.

And indeed it is. I particularly trust the local spirits for protection because they are the ones that are everywhere. They are closer to our realm and understand the dangers of everyday life. Also, they own the kind of fast-acting energy which can alter any situation rapidly.

I hope this ritual finds a place in your practice and helps you get rid of what doesn't serve you anymore and adds some protection to your life.

Many blessings,


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