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Spiritual ways to Access your Creativity

Welcome to this monthly post on how we can be more creative using spirituality.

Day-to-day life might lead us away from our nature, even if we align our interests with a spiritual path. We might think of personal improvement first from the outer layers of our lives, because of the forces that pull us in many directions. The urgency of our fears and desires creates a noise, which can model existence overlooking that which is essential.

Personal growth and spiritual development are interconnected at the core; making it impossible to think of one without the other, as both are about self-knowledge.

We can think of spirituality, not as something fixed, but as a broad set of tools to make things happen inside and outside of us, always with the goal in mind of becoming whole, integrating all aspects of ourselves towards the fullness of being.

Art has a way of reaching our hearts. Be it in images or music, or through a book, it is more essential in our lives that we could imagine. When we find a stunning story or painting, we connect to it so profoundly that it can take us places, and even show us an entirely new reality right where we are.

Art can change the way we see the world and lead us on a fresh path. It is an experience for the soul that goes beyond thinking. There is a certain quality to it that surprises us, and yet something about it may seem incredibly familiar. It discovers a melody that we can instantly hum as if remembered from a long time ago. This is magick too.

Magick is, above all, a genuine expression of who we are. All creative endeavors are magical. Crowley defined Magick as every act of Will. He said that referring to each person's essence, that inner truth which joins the soul, mind, and body.

Now how can you find more spiritual ways to access your creativity?

You can achieve this in a variety of ways. Inspiration may come at any moment, as it is always around you. It may find you through a moment of beauty, joy, and even through tough emotions. In any way it shows up, you must be present to seize it. And this is where we can put our efforts: to make ourselves ready.

The creative process is about sensitivity and action. We will approach it from two aspects.

Sensitivity is a connection. Carlos Castaneda believed that we can perceive much more than we realize because we are connected to the entire universe. It is our mind that filters out and constructs reality in a certain way. Castaneda talked about “stopping the world”, which meant to stop the rambling mind to expand the awareness towards our higher self.
Intuition and inspiration are both in the realm of our higher self, to make them part of our life we need to be friendly with meditation. I know that if you are not a meditator; you have tried it, and it did not seem right for you. It is a practice worth insisting on, but we will not achieve results by forcing our mind to be quiet; it is too rebellious.
This method is a noting meditation, similar to those many mindfulness teachers talk about, which is also the basis of Vipassana meditation. We will apply it to a creative process; it will be a bit different.

1. Take a pen and paper and sit comfortably in a quiet place. It does not need to be silent, but nobody should interrupt you; this includes your cell phone.

2. Now you will take note of any thoughts you have, including feelings and internal or external impressions. Use a word to label each one, not to get lost in internal dialogue. If you can't define it, move on.

3. Then use your pen to mark it on your piece of paper. To make this more comfortable, you will not write the word, but only make an "x" in one of three columns. The first column is for thoughts, the second for feelings, and the third one for impressions. Remember that these impressions can be internal: like how your chair or cushion feels; or external, such as a sound or a breeze on your arm.

4. At first, this process might go fast, then the mind will slow down, and it will have much less to say. You will then find longer and longer moments of clear awareness. These are very pleasant; learn to enjoy them. Right after this exercise is an excellent time to take action.

The major arcana of the Tarot, or trumps, tells a story. It is a story of the evolution over time and through particular difficulties and milestones. As this story is told in cards, we can arrange it in any way we please, or by shuffling the trumps, create a spontaneous one. This is a fun exercise, but I have a better one for you.

1. Think of a place, any city you have visited once, or you have seen in a movie.

2. Think of a character; it can be a regular person with the job you always wanted or someone special in any way you like. Think about the minor things, to make his/her image come to life.

3. Now close your eyes and visualize yourself in the city you chose, living in your "avatar" skin. Imagine his/her day in as much detail as you can.

4. Now open your eyes and write it down. You can write as much as you want. Even include a conversation your avatar has with someone else. Also, describe the city and other people.

5. Shuffle your Tarot deck. Pull a trump card (the minor arcana is also ok but could make it more difficult); or cast a rune, and enter this element in your story. For instance, if it is the tower, things have gone sideways; but if it is the Sun, what makes this such a happy, joyful day? If the fool comes up, what did he realize?

Creating these bridges is what helps your mind follow it is intuition. Learning how to go from point A to point B is the first step into more complex thought processes. This ability is one that applies not only to writing but to every aspect of creation. Even a painting has its structure and an order of how the colors are employed. This is not a process of words, but an alignment that emerges as if on its own. The purpose behind it guides it.

There is a risk to this, and it is to expose yourself to your judgment. Maybe you will also worry about what others may think, but this also has to do with how we view ourselves. Learn to be friends with your artistic expressions as they are linked to your soul. They will take you deeper and further than anything else as you progress on your own spiritual journey.

Love, light & magic,


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