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Spiral Rain

7 Chakras Coffee Mug

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This cup stands for balance with its images of the chakras. Each chakra is shown in its own color, with the corresponding yoga sign. The colors will appeal to many spiritual people, and provide a touch of hippie in everyone's interior. 

SYMBOL: The concept of the 7 chakras is best known to us in the West. The lowest chakra is at your tailbone, the highest is at your crown. Everyone has the following 7 chakras:

1st chakra: root chakra (red) at your tail and ensures stability and safety.
2nd chakra: sacral chakra (orange) at the height of your sacrum. Ensures creativity and sexuality.
3rd chakra: solar plexus chakra (yellow) at the height of your navel. This stands for joy and energy.
4th chakra: heart chakra (green or pink), at the height of your heart. This stands for love, trust and security.
5th chakra: throat chakra (light blue). This is expressing the chakra of yourself, letting you hear.
6th chakra: third eye chakra (indigo blue). This chakra stands for knowing and understanding things.
7th chakra: (purple) is called crown chakra. This ensures that you can see the unit in business. Knowledge and thoughts are central to this.

The C-shaped handle ensures comfortable gripping. 10 oz.

NOTE: Dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe.