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Spiral Rain

Calcite Cobaltoan (Sphaerocobaltite)

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Cobaltoan calcite is a talisman of love that enables one to uncover their repressed feelings. This stone facilitates the release of all of our repressed emotions. The calming vibrations that emerge from cobaltoan calcite will assist you in finally letting go of your guard and releasing these priceless feelings. When one begins this process, several memories, thoughts, and emotions may be triggered and create discomfort. This stone is here to "hold" you in times such as these, and to provide as much food and love as is required to overcome the trauma. Cobaltoan calcite will remind you of how courageous you are to continue going forward each day despite carrying all of this weight. As we shed this burden, we will quickly discover how much negativity we've been dragging about daily. While enduring these trials, one will learn to grow from them and come to understand what it is to have a "purified soul." Each day, there is more room to love and do things that actually bring happiness. This will enable you to live a life filled with love and compassion, without forgetting your origins.

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