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Spiral Rain

Crystal starter set

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This complete crystal starter set includes all the necessary stones to get started in the world of crystal intentions and healing. 
Includes 7 large tumbled stones to represent each chakra:
  • ROOT Black Tourmaline 
  • SACRAL Carnelian
  • SOLAR PLEXUS Citrine
  • HEART Green Aventurine
  • THROAT Sodalite
  • 3RD EYE Amethyst
  • CROWN Clear quartz
1 clear quartz pendulum with your choice of English or French mat and its pouch
1 Selenite stick 
1 White sage stick 4 inch
Each stone comes with a detailed description that includes: mineral family, structure, hardness, numerology vibration, astrological correspondence, origin, properties, metaphysical benefits, spiritual signifiance and how to use the crystal.