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Spiral Rain

Crystals Box

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Crystals have been used in all religions for different purposes: amulets, burials rituals, healing, cleansing, etc. In Witchcraft, we use crystals as a powerful gift from Earth. There are almost as many properties as there are types of crystals.

Unlike our other boxes, this box is all crystals and only crystals items. You can expect all forms of crystals whether tumbled, raw, clusters, wands, obelisks, dodecahedrons, pyramids, spheres, house decorations, jewelry and more. All our crystals are natural, just like mother earth created them.

Each month's box is curated around the monthly theme for example: June's theme: Moon, July's theme: Chakras, August's theme: Creativity

Each box includes:

  • Incense to cleanse your crystals
  • Detailed information on the crystals properties and uses.
  • Monthly Grimoire magasine containing information and correspondences for the month, moons (new moon & full moon), sabbats, recipes, spells, rituals, astrology sign, tarot spread and detailed information of your items and the monthly theme.

    For every box sold, we donate 1$ to Sustaining Hope Intl. Their goal is focused on relieving poverty in developing nations, by providing clean water to individuals or families in need by supplying water filters to areas where the water supply, or lack thereof, is deemed inadequate for human consumption. Visit our partner for more info.

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