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Spiral Rain

Hag stones (Witch, faerie stone)

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Hagstones are stones with a hole running all the way through them. They are typically found in streams, rivers, and along the coast, where the hole was made by moving water. This may be one of the reasons why they are seen as so potent, as it is a commonly held idea that magic cannot work on rushing water, and as these stones have been drilled by running water, they have retained the protective effect against magic. A Hagstone Hagstones also go by the names Holy Stones, Holey Stones, Wish Stones, Nightmare Stones, and Witch Riding Stones. Often worn around the neck or placed on the key or door of the cow stalls or stables, they were believed to protect humans and animals from the influence of evil spirits and witchcraft. Placement of Hagstones under the bed was believed to alleviate cramps and rheumatism, and prevent stomach ailments caused by Hags sitting on the stomach at night. A fascinating custom was the usage of Hagstones as oath stones to ensure that a person was telling the truth. Perhaps the most intriguing attributes a Hagstone was said to possess were the power to allow the bearer to see faeries and to be protected from their spells. Hagstones discovered in mounds or other similar locations were considered exceptionally potent. As wish stones, they were held in the palm of the left hand and rubbed in a deosil (clockwise) motion with the thumb while concentrating on the desired outcome. This can be viewed as a method of creative visualisation, with the repetitive rubbing serving to focus the mind, followed by concentration on the intended outcome . Stones with many holes were employed by mediaeval witches as spell casting stones. The holes would be evenly spaced and in multiples of three on a stone. A rope or stone was passed through the holes in patterns of three, while the spell's aim was typically repeated in multiples of three. This style of spell emphasises the effectiveness of repetition through repetition.

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