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Spiral Rain

Jasper Dragon Blood Tower

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Dragon Blood Jasper, also known as Dragon Stone and Dragon Bloodstone is born of fire and has great energy. The Dragon Stone is a stone that unlocks and awakens the heart. Piemontite is renowned for its ability to strengthen and revitalise the heart and to repair the emotional body. Its red rays throbbing off a chunk of Epidote increases the heart's healing rate and facilitates the reconnection of the mind, heart, and soul. This crucial connectivity enables you to communicate and feel as a single being, rather than as a collection of dispersed feelings and separate emotions. Dragon Stone is one of the ideal stones for those who wish to improve themselves in order to be more beneficial to their loved ones. As the vibrations of this stone infuse your heart with love, courage, and strength, you will begin to radiate this energy to others. It is essential to keep in mind that Epidote attracts the energy you emit. It has a strong karma-like influence in the sense that "what goes around, comes around." If you're having a horrible day and seeing that your energy output is extremely negative, you should set the Dragon Stone aside until you can take a time to work on yourself. Dragon Stone is also a highly effective instrument for manifestation. It is the ideal stone to set your daily intention into, as its energy comes directly from the heart and propels one to achieve their goals. One will quickly discover that the energy emanating from a beating heart is powerful enough to help one achieve their wildest aspirations. The Dragon Stone serves as a continual reminder that anything is possible in this universe, including the unusual pairing of two highly strong crystals.

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