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Spiral Rain

The Codex of Celestial Glyphs—Magical Alphabets, Spiritual Symbols & Mystical Sigils for Your Book of Shadows

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Embark on a mystical journey into the arcane with "The Codex of Celestial Glyphs," an illuminating expansion for your Book of Shadows. This digital dossier comprises 6 intricately designed, full-colour pages, each 8.5" x 11" and pulsing with magickal energy. From the athame sigils of Witchcraft to the vevers of Voodoo, from alchemical symbols to astrological zodiac signs, unravel the cosmic codex that binds the universe. Crafted for the modern witch, occultist, and spiritual seeker, these pages are your compass to navigate the metaphysical realms. Available exclusively in English.

What’s Encrypted Within:

  • 6 Mystical Pages: Created to resonate with your Book of Shadows, each in their original, cosmic hues.
  • Cosmic Language: Alphabets, symbols, and sigils from diverse esoteric traditions, serving as keys to unlock the mysteries of the universe.
  • Instant Mystical Access: Download your celestial guide immediately and commence your journey into the arcane.

Who This Codex Illuminates:

  • Novice Mystics: A foundational grimoire for those new to the world of esoteric symbolism.
  • Adept Practitioners: A treasure trove to deepen your existing esoteric knowledge.
  • Spiritual Seekers and Empaths: For those sensitive to the unseen currents of the universe.
  • Occult Scholars: An invaluable resource for academic exploration into mystical realms.

Arcane Gifts You Receive:

  • Instant Download: An email link to download your Codex of Celestial Glyphs.
  • Cosmic Compatibility: PDF format, legible across all digital realms and devices.
  • Eternal Wisdom: Lifetime access to a lexicon that decrypts the universe.

Ready to decode the arcane language that vibrates through the cosmos? Click "Add to Cart" to download your Codex of Celestial Glyphs now.

Once purchased, you will receive an email with a link to download the pages

Pages made by Style24Designs and sold with their permission