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Spiral Rain

The Enchanted Apothecary—Magick Potions for Your Book of Shadows

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Step into "The Enchanted Apothecary," a potion master's compendium meticulously designed to enrich your Book of Shadows. This digital cauldron bubbles with 21 full-colour pages, each 8.5" x 11", infused with the magickal essence of ancient potion recipes and modern craft. From "Angel Water" for celestial protection to "Black Salt" for potent banishing spells, this apothecary is your ultimate guide to the world of magickal brews and concoctions. Crafted exclusively for the modern witch, herbalist, and spiritual alchemist. Available solely in English.

What Brews Within:

  • 21 Alchemized Pages: Each page a potion recipe, shimmering in their original, mystical hues.
  • An Array of Potions: Ranging from love elixirs to protection oils, each potion is a gateway to a specific magickal outcome.
  • Instant Alchemical Download: Begin your potion crafting journey at the speed of thought.

Who This Elixir Serves:

  • Novice Alchemists: A foundational brew for the potion-curious.
  • Seasoned Potion Masters: A magickal extension to deepen your existing potion repertoire.
  • Spiritual Practitioners and Empaths: Elixirs to shield, heal, and empower.
  • Occult Scholars: A magickal resource for academic and practical insights into potion crafting.

Mystic Infusions You Receive:

  • Instant Elixir Download: An email link to download your Enchanted Apothecary.
  • Digital Cauldron Compatibility: PDF format, legible on all devices and realms.
  • Eternal Brews: Lifetime access to potent magickal brews and elixirs.

Potions included:

  • Angel Water,
  • Aphrodisia Oil,
  • Florida Water,
  • Four Thieves Vinegar,
  • House Blessing Oil
  • Hungary Water, 
  • Bee Priestess Balm,
  • Faery Vision Rub
  • Non-Toxic Flying Ointment, 
  • Initiation Oil,
  • Love Drawing Powder,
  • Has No Hannah Oil,
  • Seven Gates Salve,
  • Seven Flowers
  • Aphrodite’s Treasure Ointment, 
  • Cauldron Spirit,
  • Emotion Potion (A Tea For Lovers),
  • Oil of the Mystical Realms,
  • Spellbinder Smoke,
  • Abramelin Oil
  • and Black Salt.

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Pages made by Style24Designs and sold with their permission