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Spiral Rain

The Prosperity Codex—Money Spells for Your Book of Shadows

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Welcome to "The Prosperity Codex," an enchanted treasury designed for the modern witch's Book of Shadows. This digital sanctuary holds 6 full-colour pages, each 8.5" x 11", steeped in the alchemy of money spells and prosperity incantations. With spells ranging from "Attracting New Business" to "Warding Off Creditors," this codex serves as your ultimate guide to unlocking the door to financial well-being and abundant blessings. Crafted exclusively for witches, spiritual alchemists, and seekers of prosperity. Available only in English.

What's Inscribed Within:

  • 6 Illuminated Pages: Each a spell, glowing in their original, celestial hues.
  • A Spectrum of Spells: Spells to attract, protect, and sustain your financial realm.
  • Instant Arcane Download: Your path to prosperity starts now.

Who This Codex Illuminates:

  • Beginner Witches: Your entry point into the realm of prosperity magick.
  • Advanced Spellcasters: Additional financial spells to bolster your existing grimoire.
  • Spiritual Entrepreneurs: Divine guidance for your business ventures.
  • Cosmic Curious: For those intrigued by the magickal realm of financial abundance.

Mystical Treasures You Receive:

  • Instant Codex Download: An email link to download "The Prosperity Codex."
  • Cosmic Compatibility: PDF format, compatible with all mystical devices.
  • Endless Prosperity: Lifetime access to prosperity spells and incantations.

Spells included:

  • Attract New Business
  • A Four-Elements Money Spell
  • Attract Luck
  • Money Talisman
  • Amulet to Ward off Creditors
  • Cross Quarter Days Spell

Ready to manifest endless prosperity in your life? Click "Add to Cart" to download "The Prosperity Codex" and begin your journey into financial magick today!

Once purchased, you will receive an email with a link to download the pages

Pages made by Style24Designs and sold with their permission