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Spiral Rain

Ethereal Shields—Protection Spells for Your Book of Shadows

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Erect your spiritual barriers and fortify your sacred spaces with "Ethereal Shields," an exquisite 6-page digital grimoire carefully designed for your Book of Shadows. Each page, vividly displayed in original 8.5" x 11" colours, offers potent spells that act as your personal guardians against malevolent energies. A quintessential guide for both novice witches and adept spellcasters looking to strengthen their protection spells. Available exclusively in English.

What's Inscribed Within:

  • 6 Enchanted Pages: Each spell a mystical force field for your spiritual well-being.
  • Sacred Shielding Spells: Including "Spell for Protection," "Banish Spirits," "Guard Against the Evil Eye," "Return to Sender," "Witch Bottle," and "Psychic Protection."
  • Immediate Magical Access: Why wait for planetary alignment? Your protective circle begins now.

Who This Codex Shields:

  • Budding Witches: Arm your Book of Shadows with fundamental protective spells.
  • Wise Warlocks: Enhance your existing arsenal of ethereal shields.
  • Spiritual Sentinels: Anyone in need of metaphysical safety and sanctuary.
  • Guardians of the Hearth: Those responsible for the spiritual well-being of their homes.

Mystical Talismans You Receive:

  • Instant Codex Download: An email link to download "Ethereal Shields."
  • Universal Compatibility: PDF format, suitable for all magical tablets and scrolls.
  • Infinite Vigilance: A lifetime of metaphysical safety and serenity.

Spells included:

  • Spell for Protection
  • Spell to Banish Spirits from Your Home
  • To Guard Against the Evil Eye
  • Return to Sender Doll Ritual
  • Witch Bottle for Protecting the Home
  • Psychic Protection Spell

Unlock the power of protection spells with these Protection Spells BOS Pages! Our pages contain six powerful spells, designed and intended to help keep your sacred space safe from harm. Whether you're a practitioner of witchcraft or a spiritual enthusiast, these protective enchantments are the perfect addition to your ritual arsenal.

Our set of Protection Spells BOS Pages features six core rituals that will ensure your home and self is secure from beings and energy who brings disharmony. With these spells, you can ward off negative energies and feel at ease. 
Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or just starting out on your mystical journey, our Protection Spells BOS Pages are sure to bewitch and delight Enjoy!

Ready to build your own spiritual fortress? Click "Add to Cart" to download "Ethereal Shields" and begin crafting your impenetrable circle of protection today!

Once purchased, you will receive an email with a link to download the pages

Pages made by Style24Designs and sold with their permission