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Spiral Rain

Sugilite Tumbled

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Sugilite is a highly prestigious and potent stone that has gained the moniker "love stone of this age." It allows you to take a step back and appreciate the present moment by calming your thoughts. People who work with this stone frequently discover previously unknown emotional connections to things and people in their immediate environment. Due to its potency, the effects of sugilite might be felt by certain individuals within minutes. In addition to being a purifier and protector, sugilite is utilised to shield you from harmful energy in your daily environment. Many individuals are unaware of the amount of negativity they absorb simply by being in certain environments. Sugilite creates a "shield of light" that protects and purifies you from any harmful vibrations. Sugilite will maintain your aura's purity and luminosity. This stone is indicated for persons with stressful jobs or for those who travel frequently for work or other purposes. Due to its powerful stimulation of the third eye, Sugilite is also an excellent stone for meditation and dreaming. This mineral will increase your awareness and show you your journey figuratively through imagery that you may not understand at the time. To get the most out of Sugilite while working with it, it is ideal to place it over your third eye and either lay down or tilt your head back. Numerous individuals have even taped a piece to their third eye prior to bedtime in order to enhance their dream recall.

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