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Outdoor walks increase my clarity

Every morning and afternoon I walk and pick up with my son at the bus stop at the end of our street. Doing so has made me realize that I often need to take a break from my daily work or thought process and recuperate my senses. Sometimes, in my concentration on the task at hand, I forget that there is a whole world outside these walls. When I remember, I am glad to take a break outside.


Walking provides me with immense relief and improves my cognitive efficiency. Stepping into the sunlight is invigorating. I begin my walk with a push. Sometimes it is difficult to shake free of my concerns and dilemmas. I force myself to temporarily set them aside. I focus my thoughts on what I see.


Nature is a beautiful and welcome distraction. I become attuned to the shapes, colors, and movements of plants. I smile at the habits of animals. Sometimes a fragrance in the air triggers my memories. Often I only require a short walk. Ten minutes is enough time to reinvigorate me.


Awakening my senses shifts my thought processes. As I return after my walk, my thoughts return to my concerns, but with a new perspective. The feeling of epiphany that sometimes occurs is exhilarating. I marvel at how removing myself from a challenging situation, if only for a moment, results in my ability to effortlessly to uncover a solution.


Today, tomorrow, I intend to break from my normal routine and find a scenic place to walk. I look forward to clearing my head and relieving the anxiety of the day. I find that removing my focus from the dilemma often reveals the answer to be well within my grasp.

I encourage you to give it a try, the benefits are quite remarquable. 

Here are some self-Reflection Questions that can help :

  1. Where is my favorite place to walk?
  2. Is it better to walk alone or with others?
  3. What is the benefit of taking longer walks?

Wishing you a blessed evening or day and great walks ahead.


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  • Wow. Beautifully written.. you’ve broadened my perspective on what a walk should be. Thank you 💜


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