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“If all you had to do was to believe…”

Whatever you believe in, there is a universal truth: Life.

You can celebrate it in a lot of ways, but for me, life was always a fascinating mystery. As a child, I spent hours observing nature. I wanted to hear the Earth and talk to Her, I wanted to celebrate the seasons and their miracles… Everything around me seemed so… incredibly thoughtful! From the delicacy of the butterflies’ wings to the strength of the sea, it all seemed like a coherent chaos who was there for me to explore and celebrate. Then, I learned about magick.

I began my spiritual journey with Witchcraft and continued to learn and to develop my knowledge to a point where I felt like I was ready to use it. Life went on and I became increasingly interested in a lot of different ways to practice my magick and through it all, I developed my tools by crafting everything myself. 

Today as a eclectic Canadian / Indian Witch, Certified Transpersonal Crystal Practitioner and Reiki Master, I am known for integrating different witchcraft and energy practices in my items. I want to help others, by proposing my knowledge and my handmade products.

With my monthly boxes, I try to make it easier for everyone to practice magick, find their inner balance and develop their spirituality, by giving the opportunity to have everything ready for the month’s theme or sabbat according to a blend of spiritual and magickal skills.

I hope you will enjoy my shop as much as I do. Over the last few years, my family supported me to finally join the workshop and we now all work together, so you have a little bit of our love to each other in all of our products in addition to our vibrations and positives intentions. 

We donate $1 to Sustaining Hope Intl. for every subscription box sold, to help provide clean water to people in need. We do not use a lot of fancy cards and papers to describe our items, everything is written on the information sheets or the items themselves. Our boxes, the papers and everything in our boxes are made with 100% recyclable or reusable materials. We care for the global environment and the world we leave to our children and this is our way of contributing.

Thanks to my husband, my three kids, my parents and my sisters who accompany me in this magickal adventure,

Blessed Be!


Witch, Certified Transpersonal Crystal Practitioner and Reiki Master