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Spiral Rain

Jade Tumbled

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Green Jade, the hue most commonly associated with Jade, is a potent heart-healing stone. Its powerful powers can be felt almost immediately upon contact, especially when held close to the heart. Its energies flow outwardly towards the heart, infusing it with love and equilibrium that can alleviate any internal burden. Within its energetic composition, jade possesses a nurturing heart that desires to heal, nourish, and sustain. From the heart, its energies flow continuously and abundantly throughout the body, offering physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. This stone facilitates a heart-to-heart connection not only with the stone itself but also with heavenly love. Green Jade is a stone with a strong earth element and a profound connection to Mother Earth. It allows one to work directly with nature's energy and incorporate it into their own energetic field. This serves to nourish your chi energy, much like the trees, by providing it with a firm root of love in the heart, allowing it to thrive, blossom, and grow steadily. Green Jade will also aid in keeping a connection to the energy of nature, even when one is physically far from it.

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