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Spiral Rain

Turquoise Tumbled

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Turquoise harmonises and aligns all of the chakras, stabilising mood swings and inducing inner peace. In addition to being an effective treatment for sadness and fatigue, it can help prevent panic attacks. The gemstone turquoise facilitates self-realization and inventive problem-solving. Turquoise facilitates metaphysical truth-seeking, communication, and manifestation of expansion. It aids individuals in expressing their opinions and communicating more effectively with others. Those with social anxiety and shyness should always wear a piece of jewellery when confronted with uncomfortable situations. Additionally, public speakers should wear a piece to alleviate the stress and anxiety of the circumstance. Turquoise stimulates the Throat Chakra, making it easier to express profound thoughts and viewpoints that you might not ordinarily express aloud. Additionally, turquoise is a stone symbolising wholeness. It is an emotional balancer that provides consumers calm and tranquilly in times of need. Turquoise heals the emotional body (particularly when depleted), aids in easing the everyday tension that weighs on us all, and expands self-awareness. Working with a piece of turquoise will expedite your spiritual development if you are seeking greater knowledge and insight.

To comply with social media product listing policies, I must mention that our products should not replace advice from a physician. Sold as a Curio. For external use only.