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Spiral Rain

Emerald Tumbled

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The emerald is a stone that symbolises free-flowing energy and directly strengthens our heart centre. This kind of beryl embodies love, compassion, sensuality, and healing in their purest forms. This coveted mineral is capable of transferring our true emotional body into the physical sphere because it is able to harness our true emotional body. Our hearts can only hold a limited amount of emotion, so we must let go of the unneeded attachments. Whether an experience was positive or negative, if you are unwilling to let go of it, it indicates that your emotions are holding you back. This "tight hold" is caused by the dread of facing the emotional roller coaster that this encounter provokes. As you begin to use emerald's energies, you may find that you have constructed a façade of love around yourself. This fake shield is formed by your mind and emotional body to assist in the protection of your heart space. This shield may first appear to be an effective protective barrier, but with time it will impact your entire body and contribute to your growing weakness and insecurity. You will begin to comprehend why your body produces this aura of self-protection as you engage with Emerald more frequently. Once you comprehend this, you can determine how to solve it. When you begin to practise self-care, you will discover that the pure love you've been seeking has always been within you.

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