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Spiral Rain

Sodalite Tumbled

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Sodalite encourages intuition, self-consciousness, and enlightenment. This stone gives the emotional equilibrium necessary to hear your inner voice. This enhanced awareness and perception also facilitates decision making and judgement. Sodalite helps you accept and let go of the things you cannot control and strengthens your faith in the design of the world. With this clarity of thought, you may conquer confusion and mental obstacles. Sodalite is a stone representing intellect and perception. These vibrations enable heightened intuition. By developing these energy, we are able to overcome the daily mental obstacles we may face. Sodalite boosts mental capacity and permits the mind's inherent conflicts to decrease gradually. It is a personal stone since it forces you to delve deeply into your mind and assess yourself. This will enable you to identify your strengths and limitations. Sodalite also promotes the growth of one's intuition. The stone's high vibrations promote honesty and will assist you in understanding yourself and what needs improvement. Being able to achieve such a state of serenity and reflection will aid in the extraction of negative emotions. Oftentimes, our throat chakra is an important energy ley line that is not portrayed correctly. Working with Sodalite expands this communicative centre, allowing us to articulate interior thoughts that we may not always be able to comprehend. Interpreting people is difficult, but it can be even more difficult to comprehend our own emotions. Our internal monologue is skewed, and we frequently make decisions to make ourselves feel better and avoid being placed in an uncomfortable circumstance. Sodalite connects our throat chakra and third eye chakra, allowing us to better comprehend our thoughts and communicate effectively. If you frequently fumble over your words or cannot find your voice in life, Sodalite is an essential stone to have in your collection.

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