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Spiral Rain

Spirit Quartz Cluster Small

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Spirit Quartz integrates all minor energies to form a line of potent vitality that may always be called upon in times of need. The energy of this crystal acts to both ground the physical body and engage and release your genuine inner soul. Our consciousness becomes flexible and able to coexist with different energy fields simultaneously. Imagine that during a profound meditation session, your physical body is revitalised by Mother Earth's energies, while your higher self channels wisdom and intuition. This stone is intended to propel you into an unrestricted growth cycle. When we connect with Spirit Quartz and its protective energies, we are able to quickly shed negative vibrations. A natural etheric barrier is placed around your being as a protective device to aid in your recovery through times of dire growth. There is no need to stop your own development, as doing so would consume time and energy that you need for yourself. The monotony of daily life cannot impact us while we are enclosed in this energy shell. Here, we can experience love and development on a completely new level. The mysteries of the spirit realm captivate us naturally and are always evolving. Spirit Quartz connects us to this otherworldly quality that is simultaneously the past, present, and future. Our spirit guides and guardian angels will always freely traverse this realm, infusing their energy into you subconsciously as required. When we tap into a crystal, we gain access to subworlds similar to the one described above. These domains have been bestowed upon us, and it is up to us to explore them. The wisdom we will acquire will be etched into our souls for ever.

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